High-Impact, Medium Sales Books<br/> 4 1/4 x 7"
Use as a receipt or invoice, these handy books have preprinted headings that remind you to capture all the details you need. Our high-impact sales books are designed to take them everywhere! Get the details. 11 lines provide ample room so orders can fit on a single page. Personalize for free. Includes your business imprint plus choice of typeface & standard business logo. Get Noticed. Additional customization options include imprinting your custom logo. Create clean records. Carbonless forms for clear, clean copies. Please note: Quantities are number of forms; not books. Stay organized. Bottom copy stays bound in book for a permanent record; 50 sets per book. Take complete orders. Preprinted areas simplify write-ups of customer information, description of items, payment method & more. SIZE: 4 1/4 x 7"

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