Laser 1099 Tax Form & Tax Software Bundle
Save time and money! We combine tax forms and software to make getting what you need easier and more affordable. Meets all government and IRS filing requirements. Tax forms per sheet: Two filings per sheet. Use to Report: Miscellaneous payments, such as rents, royalties, medical and health payments and non-employee compensation. Tax Bundle Includes: Tax Preparation Software, Laser 1099s for 5-part states, Self-Seal Confidential Envelopes and 1096 Transmittals. Convenient: Compatible double-window self-seal envelopes included. Quality Paper: Government approved 20# bond paper. Paper Filing Due Date: To IRS, February 28th // To Recipient January 31st. State Requirements: Meets 5-part state filing requirements. Compatibility: Works with both continuous and laser pre-printed forms. Quantity: Each bundle includes 50 1099s and 50 envelopes. Amounts to Report: $600 or more, except $10 or more for Royalties. SIZE: N/A

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