9 1/2x15" Dual Pocket Deposit Bag, Clear Front, Opaque Back<br/> 9 1/2 x 15"
Fold it in half and the opaque back hides contents while in transit. Make deposits after-hours, and protect deposits from theft with heavy duty bags that meet all Federal Reserve guidelines! Ultra-level tamper-evident closure provides the highest degree of security to protect against theft and alteration. Dual pockets keep cash and checks separate. Use a Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037) to imprint your name/banking information easily and accurately. Clear front provides an easy view of the bag's contents. Unique barcoding and numbering on bag and receipt make processing easier while reducing risk of errors. We've updated these best-selling deposit bags with stronger yet thinner plastic and a new look. Our new Ultra-level tamper-evident closure indicates our highest degree of security against all mechanical (hand-pulling), chemical (solvents), thermal (hot air and freezer spray) and moisture (licking with tongue) tampering attempts. Easy-to-understand pictorial instructions increase deposit accuracy and reduce banking transaction fees. Use with Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037) to imprint your name and banking information ' eliminates the need to mark every bag by hand which may lead to processing errors. Dual pocket high security deposit bags made from all-clear #4 recyclable plastic. Side-by-Side pockets separates cash from checks. Use the receipt from the release liner for convenient tracking and deposit identification. SIZE: 9 1/2 x 15"

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